CodeteCON #KRK4

11 Października 2018, 16:00 (Czwartek)

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This is the 4th edition of meetings with the world of technology. CodeteCON is a technology conference dedicated for an IT community frequently organized in Krakow and Lublin. Three tracks, open lightning talks scene and after party. During the conference, we focus on topics in the field of Data Science, Backend and Frontend.  

On October 11 2018, participants of our conference will have the opportunity to hear experienced speakers from Poland, Berlin, Italy and more on 3 stages simultaneously! 

CodeteCON #KRK4 | 11 October 2018, start: 4pm | Registration opens at: 3pm

Hotel Best Western Premier, Opolska 14a Street, 31-323 Kraków 


Data Science Track:

  • Fabrizio Ciacchi Team Lead - Spryker Systems GmbH, Beyond Web Interfaces.
  • Christo Zonnev VP Data Science & AI - Capgemini Consulting, Graph Technology - Why You Should Care And How To Apply It.
  • Amadeus Tunis Senior Manager - Deloitte & Stephan Nies Head of Data Engineering - Deloitte Analytics Institute,Analytics & Cloud Platforms - industry use cases, trends & best practices.
  • Artur Suchwałko Data Scientist & Owner - QuantUp, Co jest ważne w prawdziwych projektach Data Science?
  • Wassim El Hariri International Project Manager - InSystems Automation GmbH, Production of the future. Autonomous intralogistics.
  • SPECIAL GUEST Marek Denis Production Engineer - Facebook, Measure your systems to understand them.
Frontend Track:

  • Miłosz Piechocki Senior Frontend Developer - Sumo Logic, Naucz się programować funkcyjnie w JavaScripcie i stań się lepszym programistą!
  • Paweł Konior Senior Frontend Developer - HSBC, Trainer - Sages, How does modern Javascript work?
  • Mateusz Konieczny OpenStreetMap Contributor - Freelancer, Jeden styl mapy dla całego świata - wyzwania i ograniczenia. 
  • Jakub Pietras Javascript Developer - Codete, SVG i Ty - czyli jak dodać Twojemu UI charakteru. 
  • Vladimir Dejanovic Founder of AmsterdamJUG, IT Manager - ING, What Users Want, A/B testing explained. 

Backend Track:

  • Tomasz Borowiec Senior Software Engineer - Ocado Technology, The Slower the Stronger: A story of Password Hash Migration.
  • Tobias Balling CTO - Blinkist, Kicking off a Tech Product as the Only Tech Person.
  • Sebastian Schleicher Director of Engineering - Blinkist, Stream-Based Mobile and Web Event Tracking backed by AWS Kinesis. 
  • Mateusz Bryła Senior Software Engineer - Codete, Uncommon but handy: mutation testing / contract testing. 
  • Adrian Stachurski DevOps Engineer - Alten Polska, Modern software developer.
  • Maciej Rybaniec Principal Software Developer - Grand Parade Poland, Real Time GraphQL.

Lightning Talks

  • Kuba Birecki Javascript Engineer - Automattic, The art of (over)communication.
  • Andrzej Dobrucki Founder - Timeqube, How to run productive meetings.
  • Adam Kubiczek CTO & Founder - Kiss Digital, 10 minut z GITem, które niekoniecznie uczynią z ciebie git mastera. 


We invite you to the WORKSHOPS that we co-organize with Developer Circles from Facebook

The basics of distributed systems - build your own incident handling system!

The training will be conducted by our special speaker - Marek Denis, who works as Production Engineer in Facebook.
* Registration required: The number of slots is limited!

Fan Zone

We have a great news for football fans! Specially for you, we have prepared the FAN ZONE! At the end of the conference at 8:45 pm we'll broadcast match Poland - Portugal!

We invite you to visit the official conference website.

Stay up to date and join our Facebook event.

See the report from the previous edition of CodeteCON:

It will be hot and intense!

The organizer of the event is Codete.

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